Learning to Play a Left Handed Guitar on Your Own

Many people try to learn playing guitar on their own. Their reason vary: sometimes it is lack of time, for others it is lack of money, and some are just too lazy to find a proper teacher with fixed hours and prefer to learn on their own schedule, whenever they find the time and patience for it.

How do people learn to play on their own? The best way, in my opinion, is to find some good guidebooks which will teach you the basics, an then find guitar tunes to practice. Though some people will prefer learning by watching video tutorials.

As Lefties are a minority, most tutorials – books or video – will be geared towards the righty population. But good tutorials for left-handed players are available, so look for them. It is much easier to learn from a book that is set for you, instead of having to translate every position for the lefty version. When learning from books which show all the chords in a right-handed way it is easy to make mistakes which will make you loose your confidence and stop your learning.

One such book is Left-Handed Guitar – The Complete Method. This book, which comes together with a CD pack so that one can hear how the practice set should sound, is a good starting point for beginners. It guides you, with pictures, step-by-step through all the main stages in a simplified way. The chord charts are made for lefties so it is easier to understand what you have to do.

As I mentioned before, some people will prefer learning through videos. Here again, don’t compromise on learning from players which play right-handed. This may lead to confusion and frustration. Videos for Lefties are harder to find, but they exist, and worth the extra effort to look for them.

You can find some free video guides on Youtube. Below I brought a nice video for the absolute beginner lefty guitar player:


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